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Most hand tools used for working in wood are very sharp, which makes woodworking a potentially dangerous hobby. If not used properly, power tools being motor driven are even more dangerous and can cause serious injury, even death. However, the danger can be minimized if one makes safety a habit and sticks to safety rules.

Another aspect of working with wood relates to varying properties of different species of wood; there are hundreds of them and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Add to that the numerous types of manufactured materials made from wood and you have a situation where the final outcome of a woodworking project depends upon selecting the right type of wood.

Besides these two most important aspects of woodworking it is also important for a woodworker to know which tool to use for which job and the different wood joinery methods. Having adequate and well laid out space for large projects and the ability to deal with problems is a great plus for any woodworker.

How to Use Woodworking Tools

There is a wealth of traditional and power woodworking tools at your disposal and you must use the right one for the right job. Almost every traditional hand tool has a power version as well. Carving knives are used for carve figurines and shapes from softer woods such as pine and fir. Harder woods can be carved with knives as many old timers still do. However, carving knives work better for sma...


How to Rip Wood on a Table Saw

One of the most common things that you will be required to do when working with wood is to rip or cut wood along the grain. Set the distance between the saw fence and blade to the width of the finished piece you want. Ensure that there is nothing anywhere near the blade and turn on the table saw. Place the work piece onto the face of the saw in front of the blade, with the right side against the...


How to Make a Woodworking Bench

If you want your woodworking projects to come out exactly as you had planned and envisaged, you need to first construct a sturdy but simple woodworking bench in the area where you plan to set your workshop. The best part is that it is easy to construct one and all that you need is wood, basic woodworking tools, nails and glue. You need construction grade lumber, preferably pressure treated. Use...


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