How do I care for my fine woodworking tools?

In as far as maintenance is concerned woodworking tools are similar to kitchen knives. Regular use causes wear and tear and the tools that are supposed to be sharp to be effective, become dull and ineffective. A dull tool means that a saw takes more time to cut wood so does drilling a hole with a dull drill. Caring for woodworking tools involves keeping them sharp and in good condition. There ar...


What is reason that there are so many abrasives for sharpening tools?

Sharpening tools is an important aspect of woodworking. If your tools are not adequately sharp, you do not get the desired and there is also a risk of spoiling the piece you are working on. A blunt tool is not a tool; it is simply a waste of time. It is a routine with experienced woodworkers to start the day by checking and sharpening their tools. An abrasive is material, usually a mineral, used...


How to correctly adjust a bridge guard for flattening timber on a surface planer?

A bridge guard should be adjusted over the top of the workpiece and not to the edge. It may appear to be safer to adjust the bridge guard to the edge of the board as the blade is completely covered when the timber is passing over it. In the over the top method, the blade appears to be partially guarded as the portion of the blade is not covered. However, investigations have clearly established t...


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