How to Make a Woodworking Bench

If you want your woodworking projects to come out exactly as you had planned and envisaged, you need to first construct a sturdy but simple woodworking bench in the area where you plan to set your workshop. The best part is that it is easy to construct one and all that you need is wood, basic woodworking tools, nails and glue.

You need construction grade lumber, preferably pressure treated. Use the circular saw and cut the lumber into pieces as follows:

Attach two pieces of two-by-fours (26 3/4 inches) to the narrow edge of a two-by-four (18 inches) with 4-inch lag screws. Make sure that you make pilot holes for the lag before screwing in. Once you have fastened these two together, turn the unit over so that the unattached ends of the 26 3/4 inch two-by-fours are facing upwards. Now, take the other 18 inch two-by-four and screw it into the free ends. Repeat to make one more unit this way. These are the left and right sides of the frame.

  • Four pieces of two-by-fours, 26 3/4 inches long.
  • Four pieces of two-by-fours, 18 inches long.
  • Two pieces of two-by-sixes, 48 inches long.
  • Twelve pieces of one-by-twos, 54 inches long.

Take one two-by-six and screw it to the center of each two-by-four on the left of the frame. Connect the left side to the right side by screwing the two-by six into the corner of the right side two-by-four using 4 1/2-inch lag screws.

Now, lay the 12 one-by-twos flat on the top of the frame. Bore 3/8-inch holes in each at both ends, insert threaded rods through the holes and fasten with a washer and nut. Make sure that you tighten the nut right against the wood with a wrench and you have your woodworking bench ready.



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