How to Use Woodworking Tools

There is a wealth of traditional and power woodworking tools at your disposal and you must use the right one for the right job. Almost every traditional hand tool has a power version as well.

Carving knives are used for carve figurines and shapes from softer woods such as pine and fir. Harder woods can be carved with knives as many old timers still do. However, carving knives work better for small projects.

A chisel with a hard, sharp point will remove large slices of wood from the piece and typically used for creating large sculpted pieces to decorate a yard. To obtain a sculpted effect, use a hammer and chisels of different sizes.

For cutting general shapes of large sizes, use power and table saws. These are pieces that you will use later to give desired shapes with engravers, carving knives and other detailing tools or simply screw together for making furniture. Power saws are typically used for cutting large pattern pieces like rocking chairs, cribs and small furniture.

Traditionally, sandpaper was preferred for sanding and polishing small as well as large pieces. However, but power sanders and sanding wheels can be used to save time and effort when sanding and polishing larger pieces.

If you can afford one, buy a wood lathe especially if you want to make large furniture pieces. Wood lathes come with a variety of attachments for cutting, smoothing and engraving wood. It can also be used for making precision holes as in required for making flutes.

Wood burning pens used for creating wood designs by burning. These are used to give an artistic touch to an otherwise mundane creation.



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