Hand Tools

Power equipment is a recent entry in woodworking equipment but since ages it has been in the domain of hand tools. While there is a motorized version of nearly every hand tool, there are some hand tools that you cannot do without.

Tape Measure

A retractable tape measure is something that no wood worker can do without. A quality tape measure has markings in inches as well as centimeters and comes with a locking mechanism and a small hook at one end.

Claw hammer

There are many types of hammers but it is better that you go for a claw hammer; choose one that is not too heavy and feels good in your hand.


You need different sizes of screwdrivers in your wood shop. Preferred sizes are numbers 1, 2 and 3 of Phillips and Flathead varieties and some square head, Torx and star drivers.

Layout Square

A 6" layout square is used for marking a square line for each cut and can be used for marking any angle up to 45 degrees and measure 6 inches.


A sharpened chisel is essential for scraping of large pieces of wood and also for cleaning waste from joints and mortises.

Sliding Bevel

Pretty similar to a square except for that it can be adjusted to any angle and comes with a locking mechanism; extremely necessary when you need to duplicate an angle.

Block Plane

Essential for shaving thin amounts of wood from stock to bring it down to the desired thickness; also necessary for cleaning edges during assembly.

Besides these hand tools, it is also necessary that you have adequate quantity of glue and nails and screws of all sizes. Apart from these, things like hardware hinges, locks, knobs and handles may be for specific projects.



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